Use the Expedite Dashboard to view shipments by service, status or search for a specific shipment. Use the navigation to access more shipping tools. 

Shipment View

Use the shipment view for a list of shipments in the last fourteen days. 

  • To view detailed tracking results in the same window, click on a pro number.

  • To see only shipments with a specific status, select a shipment status. 

  • Use tabs to see shipments specific to that service. 

Shipment Tracking

Quickly track shipments.

  • To track a shipment, enter the shipment reference number, or select a shipment from Recently Tracked. 

  • To find shipment information In Recently Tracked, click on the shipment. Tracking results will open detailed tracking information in same window. 

  • Use the expand button to view additional shipments. 

  • To open a detailed view of the selected shipment in the same window, click a link.

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