Keep track of current and previous shipments, and monitor payment status. Up-to-date reporting allows you to organize your account history for efficient bookkeeping.  

Billing and Payments

To search for a shipment using any shipment information, start typing in the Find box.

Bill Lookup

To search for a specific shipment(s), use the Bill Lookup.

  1. Enter shipment reference number(s)

  2. Click Lookup Bills.


Use filters to refine the list of shipments shown.

  1. To see all due and overdue bills, select Due.

  2. To see only overdue bills, deselect Due and select Overdue.

  3. To see only paid invoices, select Paid.

Shipment Details

View additional shipment details:

  • To view an invoice associated with a shipment, click View Invoice.

  • To open Document Retrieval and all documents associated with a shipment, click View Documents.

  • To view the payment history for a shipment, click View Payment History.

  • To email a shipment, click Share this Status.

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