To file a claim, complete all required fields, and include at least one supporting document. Please allow 24-48 hours for your claim to appear in the recent claims list.

Claim Information

Information about the shipment. 

  1. Enter the Pro Number of the shipment.

  2. Click Begin Filing

  3. Select a Claim Type to describe the claim.

  4. Select the Freight Type.

  5. Select the Freight Condition.

Claimant Information

Information for the person responsible for this claim. 

  1. If claimant location is stored, click Choose from Locations to find the appropriate location in the pop-up modal.

  2. If claimant location is not stored, enter information manually. 

Shipper Information

Information for where shipment originated. 

Consignee Information

Information for where shipment was delivered. 

Freight Information

Information about the freight on the shipment.

  1. Enter a description of the freight.

  2. Enter the quantity.

  3. Select the NMFC freight class.

  4. Enter the cost of the freight.

  5. To add another item, click Add Another Item.

Supporting Documents

At least one supporting document must be included to submit a claim.

  1. To add a supporting document, click Choose File and navigate to the saved file.

  2. To add an additional file, click Add Another File

File a Claim

Click File Claim to begin the claims process.

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