Search for a Shipment

Use the Shipment Tracking tool to search for a shipment(s) by using a pro, BOL, PO or other shipment reference number. 

  1. To search for a specific shipment, enter shipment reference numbers in the Shipment Tracking search box or select a shipment from Recently Tracked.
  2. Click Track Shipment.

Shipment Details

Additional shipment details can be viewed:

  • To open Document Retrieval and all documents associated with shipment, click View Documents.
  • To view invoice associated with shipment, click View Invoice.
  • To view the payment history for shipment, click View Payment History.
  • To email shipment, click Share this Status.
  • To open Dynamic Rerouting, click Reroute Shipment.
  • To open a model with service center contact information, click service center number
  • To be notified of shipment status changes, click Setup Email Notifications

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