Shipment Planner

Use the drop-down to select the shipments shown. This selection is based on saved reports.

To adjust the calendar defaults, click Settings.

  1. To show shipments coming to your location, select Inbound

  2. To show shipments leaving from your location, select Outbound.

  3. To show shipments where you are listed as the third party, select Third Party.

  4. To select the point in the shipment's timeline you would like the shipment to be shown on the calendar, select Post on this Date for each selection made.

  5. Select a default calendar view.

Additional Shipment Planner options:

  • To refresh the calendar, click Refresh.

  • To limit the calendar view to the current month, select Month .

  • To limit the calendar view to the current week, select Week.

  • To limit the calendar view to the current day, select Day.

  • To view previous or future shipments, use the arrows to change to a different month, week or day.

  • To view additional shipment details, hover over or click a shipment reference number. 

  • To view additional shipments on a particular day, click View All

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