Document Retrieval
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The document retrieval tool is an efficient way to view and print your important transportation documents. For quick access to items like signed bills of lading, delivery receipts, packing lists, customs documents, weight confirmations and more, simply enter your shipment reference number(s) or select from recently viewed documents.

Search for a Shipment

  1. To search for all documents associated with a specific shipment, enter your shipment reference number(s) in Document Search and click Find Documents

  2. To search for documents of a recently viewed shipment, use the Recently Viewed list.

Viewing the Documents

  • To scroll through the documents found for a shipment, use the left and right arrows or click on a document header at the top of the viewing window.

  • To rotate, zoom, download or print the individual document, use the buttons to the right of the document or hover your cursor over the document and these options will appear. 

  • To switch to another shipment that was already searched, click on the shipment reference number in Documents Found

  • To print all documents associated with the shipment(s) at one time, click the print icon in Documents Found.

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